Alexandra Schatz

Since 1986 Alexandra Schatz has developed, produced and often directed over 150 animated short films , several animation series, TV specials and animated features for the children’s TV programmes of ARD and ZDF.

In her productions she has collaborated with many internationally well known authors and illustrators: Rotraut Susanne Berner, Axel Scheffler, Tomi Ungerer, Tony Ross, Eva Ericsson and Ulf Nilsson to name only a few.

Many of her productions have been nominated for PRIX JEUNESSE or have been awarded: „Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Short Film Award“, „Goldener Spatz“, First Prize at Tokyo Children’s Film Festival, „Magnolia Award“ at the International Shanghai TV Festival or „Golden Goblet“ at International Shanghai Film Festival.

Since 2005 most of her productions were coproduced with international partners such as Kickback Media (UK), Sluggerfilm AB (Sweden), Little Monster GmbH (Switzerland) and Submarine (The Netherlands).

In 2021/2022 release of the animated preschool movie „Best Birthday Ever“/ “Karlchen – Das große Geburtstagsabenteuer” directed by Michael Ekblad, based on the book series “Karlchen” by author and illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner. Awarded with the Audience Award at Providence Children’s Film Festival Rhode Island/USA and at Schlingel International Children’s Filmfestival Chemnitz/Germany. Produced in coproduction with Submarine Amsterdam , Sluggerfilm Malmö and ZDF.

2023/24 Development and production of the animated preschool TV series „Little Charlie“ / “Karlchen” in coproduction with Submarine and ZDF.